"Fantastic podcast for anyone who's a social media practitioner or digital professional. Social Business Engine takes real world people and shares their practical experiences in a way that not only resonates, but enables listeners to learn and apply the stories to their journey. Take a listen and find out what you've been missing!"
Lewis Bertolucci Head of Social Media, Humana
"I had the pleasure of participating in this latest Social Business Engine and a real blast. Bernie is gathering a collection of the most interesting people in social business on the planet. I suggest anyone interested in driving real change in their business should give a good listen in on the Social Business Engine."
Michael Brenner
"Great podcast that features many different perspectives on what works and doesn't work in the social and digital marketing world."
Brandon Andersen
"The Social Business Engine Podcast hosted by Bernie Borges is a great example of providing quality value, business insight and tactical information straight from the professionals inside of successful business organizations. Hearing how companies of all sizes are implementing the concept of a social business provides great case study material and inspiration for the rest of us! Congratulations, Bernie!"
Pamela Muldoon
"It was a wonderful opportunity to collaborate with bernie Borges and the Social Business Engine on a podcast about the new IBM enterprise social adoption study "Charting the Social Universe". The podcast was a great platform to share some of the learnings from pioneers in the market, and the various entry points to adopting social in the enterprise. As with all Bernie's podcasts, we delved into thought leadership topics as well as practical takeaways relevant to organizations of all sizes. Well worth tuning in!"
Cynthya Peranandam IBM
"The Social Business Engine podcast keeps me in touch with relevant issues that brands face as they work to integrate social into their business. I was interviewed by Bernie on one episode. So, I've experienced the podcast as a guest and as a listener. With all the traveling I do, I love bringing Social Business Engine with me on the road."
Pam Didner
"Bernie knows how to recruit the best minds in the digital marketing and social media industries, and I always learn something new during every episode. Keep up the good work Bernie!"
Ryan Pena
"The Social Business Engine is a great content asset for marketers. I really enjoy the educational focus of the show."
Dan Moyle Amerifirst Home Mortgage
"The most aspirational source for social business best practices."
Todd Forsythe V.P. Conversation Marketing, EMC
"The Find and Convert Social Business Engine is a great source of information for business decision makers to understand the value proposition associated with social business and why they need to develop their social business strategies now in order to remain competitive."
David Graham Digital Engagement Leader – Deloitte SA
"I enjoyed the opportunity to be a guest on the Social Business Engine. Bernie and his co-host facilitated a healthy dialogue that highlighted the key elements of our social business journey."
James Royer Director of Digital Media, Tampa Bay Lightning
"Not just a podcast or video channel. Social Business Engine is a resource for business professionals that want to be in the know with real world social business success stories."
Aaron Kahlow CEO, Online Marketing Institute
"I enjoyed my appearance on the Social Business Engine show as a co-host alongside Bernie. The show is an innovative approach to featuring organizations that have valuable stories to share about their social business success."
Wayne St. Amand Executive VP, Crimson Hexagon
"Business is changing and Bernie Borges wants to help people figure it out. The Social Business Engine is a perfect resource for people who want to make their business stand out in the 21st century. It was an honor to be featured as a guest on the show and I continue to learn something new from every other guest Bernie invites on."
Mike Lemire Inbound Marketing Consulting Lead – HubSpot
"I'm a big fan of the Social Business Engine. I enjoy the interviews Bernie brings to his audience on the TV show and podcast. The stories are inspirational and actionable. You need to get on the Social Business Engine bus!"
Jill Rowley Founder & Chief Evangelist #SocialSelling
"I like that the Social Business Engine show is available in video and podcast format. As a guest on the podcast, I enjoyed discussing with Bernie highlights from my e-book The Sophisticated Marketer's Guide to LinkedIn."
Jason Miller Sr. Manager Content & Social, LinkedIn Marketing Solutions
"The Social Business Engine isn't just a podcast or a video series, it's a business methodology that everyone should embrace. I don't miss an episode, and neither should you."
Andrew Davis Author, Brandscaping: Unleashing the Power of Partnerships
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