Showcase Your Customers

Showcase your best customer success stories on the Social Business Engine show.


Each episode is brought to you by a social business technology sponsor. We reach an audience of marketers, sales executives, HR and recruiting, operations and other business executives in midsize and large brands, mostly in the U.S. and Europe. What they share in common is an interest in accelerating their use of social media to produce measurable business outcomes.

There are four ways sponsors can get their brand in front of our audience for brand building and lead generation.

Co-Host a Video Episode

  • You’ll co-host a video episode with Bernie
  • Showcase one of your best customer case studies
  • Provide a call-to-action to measure a business outcome from your sponsorship
  • Upload the video file onto your website (optional)

Podcast Series

  • Co-host a series of podcast episodes with Bernie focused on a theme (optional)
  • Provide a downloadable call-to-action delivered through a 60 second spot on each podcast episode
  • Showcase one or more of your best customer case studies

Social Business Journal

  • Co-produce a Social Business Journal issue focused on a specific theme
  • Participate in podcasts and/or video episodes to highlight the content
  • Showcase your best customer case studies pertaining to this theme


Deliver your message through three types of banners on our website

  1. Leaderboard banner
  2. Side banner
  3. In-stream banner

Special Projects

Our mission is to deliver educational content that inspires business people on their social business journey. A special project is a blank sheet of paper content project that aligns our editorial theme with your goals. If you’re a corporate brand or a social business technology provider with interest in collaborating on a documentary, let’s talk.

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