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Podcast #65

Power Blogging Strategy to Catapult Your Sales

Rick Short of Indium Corporation

Rick Short, Director of Marketing Communications at Indium Corporation, joined me for episode 65 of the Social Business Engine podcast to discuss blogging for business. Specifically, we talked about his wildly successful blogging strategy at Indium Corporation, a B2B provider of very technical stuff.


Rick is a fun and personable guy with a rock and roll band. He’s also a super smart marketer who has transformed Indium Corporation into a sensational model for B2B content marketing and B2B social business. Tune in to this podcast to hear Rick’s insider tips on how to create a blogging strategy at your organization to catapult your sales.

On This Episode You’ll Discover:

  • How the media had power over marketers before the age of the Internet.
  • In the early days of the Internet there was confusion and excitement.
  • How Rick convinced a group of engineers to embrace blogging by leading by example.
  • How Rick used a personal blog to increase his own skills and understanding of blogging, and then convinced senior management a blog was a viable marketing option.
  • How Rick accelerated the blogging strategy at Indium Corporation.
  • How Indium Corporation gained traction with blogging by being the first to market, thereby establishing themselves as a thought leader.
  • What the attributes are for two of Indium’s 12 personas: a technical buyer and a design engineer.
  • How breaking down buyer personas and being hyper specific on their blog allows Indium Corporation to target their niche audience.
  • How Rick was able to convince the engineers at Indium Corporation to contribute blog content.
  • How Indium writes long-tail content to attract quality leads as opposed to a high number of views.
  • Why Bernie believes that Indium Corporation is the model for B2B content marketing and B2B social business.
  • By being transparent and authentic Indium Corporation is humanizing their blog and gaining their customer’s trust.
  • How Indium Corporation infuses humor into their blog to reach their audience on a personal level.
  • The meaning behind Rick’s phrase, “content to contact to cash.”
  • The four categories of contacts that Rick is targeting through blog content.
  • The role of social media in Indium Corporation’s marketing strategy.
  • How Indium Corporation uses different social networks for different goals.
  • How Rick analyzes their customer’s social network preferences to reach them on a level that’s comfortable for them.
  • The meaning of the trademarked saying, “From One Engineer to Another” is all about trust and transparency.
  • That customers have to trust you first before conducting business with you.
  • That Rick is speaking at Content Marketing World on Power Blogging.
  • Rick’s “one thing” answer is related to personal happiness and career fulfillment.

Featured On This Episode:

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