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Podcast #97

Analyzing the Value of Social Media in B2B

Carlos Gil at BMC Software

A popular speaker at marketing conferences, Carlos Gil is Head of Social Media Marketing at BMC Software. You can catch Carlos (and me) speaking at the Social Media Strategies Summit in Las Vegas on February 10th and 11th, 2016.

On this episode, Carlos shares his insights on strategies and tactics for analyzing the effectiveness of social media in mid or large organizations. He also reveals how he measures social media ROI at BMC Software, a B2B, enterprise software company where Carlos is in charge of global social media activities. You’ll gain an understanding of the similarities between B2B and B2C companies using social media and how to measure results.


Image source: BMC Software’s Blog

On this episode you’ll discover:

  • How BMC Software is an enterprise software company that provides IT solutions for 82% of Fortune 500 companies, and two of their well-known products are IT Helpdesk and HR Helpdesk.
  • How BMC Software is the fourth brand Carlos has led social for and how the end game is always the same (whether B2B or B2C), to build relationships with prospective buyers.
  • How Carlos’ role at BMC Software is to build out the social business strategy and make it happen.
  • Why Carlos says his “philosophy for B2B and B2C is the same… how you get there might vary, but it’s essentially using the same tools with a varied approach.”

“My philosophy for B2B and B2C is the same… it’s essentially using the same tools with a varied approach.” @carlosgil83
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  • How Carlos justifies the need for a social media presence to the stakeholders.


  • How BMC Software recently launched an employee advocacy program for its (approximately) 6,000 employees worldwide and the importance of letting them know what’s in it for them.
  • How HR can attract more talent and sales can generate more leads by engaging on social.
  • How a lot of C-suite members at BMC Software are engaged on social.
  • How BMC Software “has an appetite for social media” and how many execs in the C-suite are active on social media.
  • Why Carlos says mapping to the buyer’s journey starts with knowing each segment of your audience and adding value for each segment.
  • How Carlos focuses on sharing content that is important to their audience, so it’s very IT-centric and industry specific.

Image Source: BMC Software’s Blog

  • How BMC uses its blog to share relevant content and drives people back to their website with CTAs.
  • Why Carlos says content is king, but so is building community through relevant content.
  • Why Carlos says the funnel is not linear and how there needs to be more of a focus on relationship building.
  • How BMC Software uses eBooks and white papers in the form of demand generation and constantly focuses on driving value.
  • Why Carlos says it starts with putting the right hook out on social, but how it takes time to build relationships and guide prospective customers back to your website.
  • Why Carlos says, “just having a presence on Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn will not get prospects to convert. It’s actually nurturing them and building a relationship over time that gets them through the funnel.”
  • How BMC Software’s ROI goal with social media (like many B2B organizations) is to generate leads and how Carlos looks to impressions, engagement and click-through rates on the path back to the website.
  • Why Carlos says activating the audience and getting them to share their content is the most challenging part of generating business results for BMC Software through social.
  • How Carlos’ one thing is to always have a purpose for where and why you are engaging. “If it doesn’t make sense, don’t be there.”

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