Social Business is much more than amassing fans, followers and likes... It's about business.

With contributions from: Social Business Engine Contributors and Guests include: Cision, Cisco, Dell, IBM, LinkedIn, SAP, Walmart and more and more

Still JUST doing social media? Is the boss asking you for ROI on your social media activities? Maybe it's time to go from "doing social" to producing measurable business impact!

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What is Social Business?

A Social Business is an organization whose leadership and employees embrace social and digital communications. A social business empowers its employees to be brand ambassadors by providing training, governance and content that educates, informs or entertains, building trust, relationships and loyalty with prospects and customers.

Pillars of Social Business

Why today's organizations should embrace social business.

In the digital era, people are connected in networks, some loosely defined, others more structured. Harnessing the connectedness of people - internally and externally - is an opportunity to do better business. By leveraging the connectedness of employees, customers and suppliers through digital technologies and person-to-person engagement we minimize disruption, maximize innovation and create exponential integration of people across all departments for better business outcomes.

Social business is a strategy that is rooted in humanizing the organization, empowering its employees to be brand ambassadors and engaging with customers through authentic person-to-person connection.

Social business success is defined by experiencing seamless collaboration across the organization to help the customer succeed, publishing stories that inspire employees and customers to excel. A social business supports its employees to build their professional profiles for career growth, business development and relationship building that generates measurable business opportunities. Learn more about why organizations should make the transformation to a social business.

Guests, Contributors & Sponsors

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Social Business Engine Contributors and Guests include: IBM, Cision, Cisco, Dell, 3M and more