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Social Business – The Future is Now!

Are you using the power of social to get business done?

As social technologies have evolved, so have the demands to create results. The C-Suite wants to see ROI from your investments. The sales team wants leads. The customer service department wants to connect with customers. The HR department wants a recruiting platform. The product development team wants actionable insights. And, the list goes on…

Our mission is to educate, train and inspire business professionals to use digital transformation strategies to meet their objectives in today’s connected world. Join us as our experts, guests and industry pioneers share how social media and social technologies have helped them make a difference.

What is Social Business?


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Social Business Engine content is designed to educate business professionals on the latest strategies and tactics using social media and social technologies. Our Social Business Engine Podcast host, Bernie Borges, interviews movers and shakers from some of the most interesting brands around the world. You can listen to our podcast on iTunes, Stitcher, YouTube or on this page. Our blog will keep you up to date on the latest ways to move the needle using social media in your business.

Become a member of our SBE community to get access to all our premium content and resources. Membership is FREE….If you want help moving the needle, we offer speaking, training and coaching services. Our Social Business Workshops include instructor-led-training and one-on-one coaching. And, we guarantee results because we can!

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Ethical Ways to Reach the Unreachable Through Social Selling
Reaching unreachable people has long been a challenge for B2B sales professionals. Using creativity and persistence combined… July 25th, 2016


DreamBank – August 18, 2016
Bernie Borges will be presenting SMALL BIZ: Forget Social Media — Think Social Business at DreamBank-Madison.
Content Marketing World – September 8, 2016
Bernie Borges will be speaking at Content Marketing World 2016 about live video.
Social Media Strategies Summit – September 27, 2016
Bernie Borges will be emceeing this event and presenting Your Social Media Department is Too Small: How…

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Sales training can be painful…We get that!

Without a coach to traverse real-world situations, developing the social selling skills needed to get into the deal can be frustrating. Success requires support from an expert. Using your sales objectives, we will develop a strategy and step-by-step action plan for you.

Our Social Business Individual and Team workshops are designed to create long-term success. Our blended learning program includes instructor-led-training and one-on-one coaching to achieve each participant’s SMART goals. Our program empowers participants to continue on their social selling journey, after this training investment, because they get to experience real-world success instead of the frustration that happens when going it alone.

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